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Instagram SOS

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Hi! Welcome to my Instagram SOS. 

If you are here, you are probably interested in developing your presence on Instagram. 

You have a personal Instagram account or a business account and you need a little bit of help getting started, or you are set up and things are going quite well but you could do with some motivation and new ideas to expand.

How can I help? 

For beginners we will go through how to use Instagram to maximise your experience on the platform. How do you grow? How to create the content? What is your niche?

Some elements we will cover on our Zoom chat:




- trends


- styling


-posting times

- captions 

These elements are vital tools to eventually gain followers and reach your audience.

Editing tools and visual planners will be covered involving helpful apps and how to use them. Simple steps in how to create a cohesive visual, streamlined and pleasing social media presence. 

For intermediate IG account holders - this could be useful for you, too. Perhaps you are loosing followers or you'd like to change things up, start working with brands or get paid for collaborations. I can help. I will tailor the session to your needs.

Delivery: 1 hour workshop / technical and practical guidance - all you need is your device ready and a list of your top priority discussion points.

Upon checkout I will email you to discuss availability and we can set up an informal Zoom meeting in the comfort of your own home. DM me on Instagram @styleturbine if you'd like to ask questions in advance or need more information.

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