#4: styles & styling

I’d like to share with you a few of my recent styles. I’m always told ‘that’s so you’ so I guess I have a ‘look’ or a certain signature to the way I dress and the pieces I put together. The only negative aspect of shopping (apart from draining your funds) is how we accumulate so much stuff. I will write about re-selling and recycling your clothes another time. Unless you’re happy to knock some walls down for a larger dressing room?

First out, I’m super into the current accessories - the silhouettes are very exciting, odd pairs are so in the trend, the geometric styles still going strong. But there is also the nostalgic vibe, like these adorable hoops I found in Topshop yesterday. They remind me of my Mom and perhaps the sixties or seventies. You can find the earrings here and only £10. Next mission will be to find a lipstick to match. 

Heard of Paris label Eli Grita? This is super fun, fresh & pop! I like the t-shirt as I obviously want to be Queen - but the ethos behind it according to the designer is that “when women support each other everybody wins”. I’m all for that. It’s who I want to be, and who I want to connect with out there in this world.

The one store I have visited the most this month (and last) is &Other Stories. It’s not just the clothing or the pieces, its the whole vibe in there. Really relaxing, a visually pleasing experience. Super friendly staff too.

Who doesn’t like a trip to Selfridges? My favourite department store in London. It’s a great place to browse old favourites but also find new designers, collaborations and pop-ups. The blink brow bar is also pretty amazing! 

Now that my brows are on point, I’m going to say bye for now and have a fab weekend!! Hit me up on DM’s on Instagram for chats!

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