abu dhabi

This is probably my 10th visit to Abu Dhabi. We have seen it expand and grow since we first visited in 2011. The hotels all offer day passes so you can pick and choose from the most luxurious places and spend a day there, enjoying the beach, the pool and the abundance of restaurants. 

Pleasing aesthetics, super clean and very safe. Its a fabulous choice for some Winter sunshine, we always fly Etihad and we stay with family, otherwise Abu Dhabi can be very costly, indeed. 

If you have any questions or want more information about visiting Abu Dhabi, dm me on IG @styleturbine 


I took a long break from the blog… but just wanted to share with you a highlight this Summer - I was approached by French Connection and we did a paid partnership on Instagram. I loved every single outfit they sent me and they were also super nice to work with. Hope you like the images we took.

I also reached 10k in May which was a goal I worked towards for a long time actually. I’d say I started putting daily effort into my account in January 2018 and I grind it out every single day. Perhaps I take my gram too seriously but it mixes all my favourite hobbies; fashion, styling and photography - not to forget the important element of community - I love the girls I’ve met on there!

Cherio for now, lovelies.

PS. if you want to see some beautiful scenes from the summer check out my new gallery.

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