#7: june events

We are halfway in June and already this month has been packed with eventful moments! I have been lucky to receive more sponsored content over on my Instagram which I do try and incorporate as much as possible into my usually, curated style without too much compromise. I have a ‘personal rule’ that only 1/3 of my posts should ever be sponsored, an ad or a promotion for any brand. I believe in keeping your integrity and authenticity - I am just lucky to be able to spend so much time being creative whether it’s photography missions or social media content. My recent clients are spread across so many different industries from fashion to beauty, dining experiences to jewellery. I also have a wedding coming up at the weekend, my only one this year. Here are my most popular posts this month: Do you recognise a theme?

Anyhow; I had a tour around Home House London - this is a members club so you have to be either a member or a friend of a member to gain access. Stunning Georgian town house built in the 17th century, it is a feast for the eye if you are into architecture and history. We had a family BBQ on a hot Sunday afternoon and it was amazing. A bottle of Riesling also went down very well! 

I have had a very social month getting to know more and more people in my industry and it has been a lot of fun exploring new venues together. I also attended an influencer event BlogConLDN where I connected with 4 well fitted brands that I am hoping to work with further, some as influencer, some with photography commissions - but I can see potential in visual pleasure being created moving forward.

Lastly, I’d like to mention I met up with the talented & lovely @fleurandrea for brunch at 31 Below Marylebone early this week, all though mainly to chat and get together we also managed to get a few shots in. being at different ends of the influencer scale it was interesting to hear how she is making a career out of her blog and Instagram. No need to even say it, she is a pro!

Check out her work here,

Until next time….

Ina x

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