christmas feed

Christmas feed had a whole other meaning this time last year. I would be thinking food, obviously - whereas now all I can consume is the Instagram feed. 

If I can look back on this year 2018 it has opened so many doors. I grew from around 3k followers to nearly 7k followers this year. I’ve worked with some amazing brands and been to some dazzling events. Most importantly, I have come to realise that the creative world is for everyone. 

I used to put myself down not giving myself hardly any credit for my skills.  I had given freelance photography a shot, but to be honest, I hadn’t found my market. Never would I have thought that people would walk up to me at events and shout ‘flatlay queen’ or the amount of DM’s I receive asking me to talk on camera more because they love my voice and accent.

Remind yourself that the very thing you might try and ‘hide’ from people is what they actually love about you. Who cares about the gloss if there is no personality behind it? Ok, I will always put my best foot forward but also as humans we are allowed to be just that. Remember when you turn the camera on yourself to be kind and respectful, the way you’d be if you photographed a good friend. We all love a good angle - but most of us are not models and perhaps that is our most important strength?

I always try and support the smaller accounts because I know how frustrating it is to try and grow, I have tried giving advice on how to do that in my ‘help’ highlight - but to be honest - it is a commitment and no quick fix. Trust your own creative flair, you will be rewarded for your original style. Stand out in a good way!

So, what is my Christmas Wish year? Well, 2019 will hopefully be the year when I hit 10k and with that the ‘Swipe Up’ feature. 

I will keep doing my giveaways to my gorgeous followers because I love the idea of giving something back. If we haven’t met yet but we chat on DM’s or you comment on my pics daily - then my aim is to have a coffee or a drink with you in the New Year. I love meeting up - I’m a social butterfly and there is always room under my wing!

Cheers to all you shining stars out there. Lots of love, Ina x

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