#6: april came and went

Last day in April. Not sure where that whole month went. It was hot, then it was cold. We had Easter and my birthday which we celebrated in Tokyo - my Instagram grew with nearly a thousand followers !! and I started posting outfits - which only meant one thing, I was getting more and more frequent in front of the camera! 


guess who?

just sitting over here…

At first, I was hiding behind bushes, then I added paint strokes across my face. I also tried sitting really far away. It was daunting because I had done a POLL on my Instastory, which I absolutely love doing, and the results were that my gorgeous followers wanted outfit posts! I thought; why not?? I can surely do that.

I am pretty confident. But also @styleturbine was never really about me. It was about the things I was interested in. Also, I am a photographer so naturally I wanted to be in control - behind the camera.

Anyway, my ‘outfit shots’ take about 2 minutes because I get so overly embarrassed posing in the street. So, no time to fret too much -it’s usually ‘quick, take a photo of me here. Not too close, ok? Did you get it? Quick, quick!”


Eli Grita tee



April was also the month I started seeing more interest from brands. Flattering at first of course; gifting, freebies and all that. But quickly I decided, I don’t really need all this stuff and also the content takes time to create. I’ve studied photography and invested enough in it as a career to believe that in exchange for creative content there should be a cash reward! 

So I got a Media Kit together. I created it in CANVA which was really easy. See my example here from earlier in April, as following and engagement grow the price will change:

I can sense what people like, what my followers respond to, but at the same time as a creative I think there should be a level of surprise. You need to push yourself, discover new methods, create something fresh and experiment. You want to deliver what you yourself think is great content. Getting stuck in a rut is easy, but as a creative you will stagnate. And eventually we will all loose interest, right?

So here are some examples of how I got creative, and with that my account grew even more. I’m working on the 5k mark now. It’s still small in the scheme of things, but I set my own goals and it is working well for me. No need to be comparing yourself to anybody else. Do it your own way, in your own time. Small steps will eventually be great! And in the meantime I can proudly say it is 100% organic, all the images are original, the edits are mine - the ideas are mine - with a little inspiration from you all, of course!

shu uemura

and other stories

london collage

still life

adobe sketch

Thanks for taking the time to read. Reach out to me in DM’s if you want to chat, regarding edits I have made a highlighted story on my instagram profile including details about VSCO & Adobe Sketch.

Every day I shout out an account that I have connected with, you can find my recommended Instagrammers in “Grrrrls”. Sharing the love is the best way! The love you get in return is such a positive addition to the whole experience of being on social media. We all respond to kindness and support. I wish you a happy week!

#5: spring in the air?

KIN cafe

Ole & Steen


First I want to give a huge shout out to the invention that is flat white. My neighbourhood is full of choice for great coffee, and every day there is a new bakery or cafe opening up, so very tempting. I can’t seem to get enough of almond croissants or cinnamon buns. It’s terrible when I am also trying to step it up in the gym. But, as with everything, balance is key.

What is it though with coffee shots that we love so much? Instagram seems to never get enough of them. Honestly my cup always looks grubby, lipstick marks and spills… I’m not one for a polished coffee shot. The coffee is there to drink & enjoy - fresh!! 

Introducing yellow into my very monochrome wardrobe. There is personal style, then there is trend. I suggest 75% of your wardrobe should contain your essentials - your staple items - and in my opinion because these are the pieces you’ll wear the most you should invest. Go for quality over quantity, at least most of the time. If you go for classic, understated and tailored looks you will always have something to wear, even on bad days! When it comes to the trend pieces, go high street. Because these are the items you might not keep beyond the season. I know, it’s terrible. But are you really going to carry that seagrass basket into Winter?

ganni yellow


Massimo Dutti

My best find on the high street this week was my new £34.99 blouse from H&M and powder pink suede flats from Mango at £19.99 (sale).

I admit, it was unnecessary indeed - but after posting the blouse on my stories the amount of people cheering me on to go back and buy it; it just had to be done. The good thing is the very low risk - these items slot straight into my wardrobe and will get a lot of use. 



flatlay styling


This weeks beauty buy; Benefit Hydrating Concealer. it looks like a lipgloss, give your area of concern a quick swipe with the magic stick, and voila - it smoothes, hydrates and covers. £17.50.

To end this blogpost with a bang, I’d like to show you something SEXY! On Saturday my dear husband took me to Sexy Fish and it did not disappoint. It was buzzing, swanky and the music was cool, the service was great. Most importantly the food was amazing, all our plates were empty and our bellies were full! We tried 7 different little dishes, so too much to mention - but I don’t think you can go wrong with any choice. Always book, ask for a booth for comfort.

sexy fish

sancho panza cocktail

swanky basins & marble

little fish /menu

#4: styles & styling

I’d like to share with you a few of my recent styles. I’m always told ‘that’s so you’ so I guess I have a ‘look’ or a certain signature to the way I dress and the pieces I put together. The only negative aspect of shopping (apart from draining your funds) is how we accumulate so much stuff. I will write about re-selling and recycling your clothes another time. Unless you’re happy to knock some walls down for a larger dressing room?

Freedom @ Topshop

Freedom @ Topshop

Circle Hoop Earrings

First out, I’m super into the current accessories - the silhouettes are very exciting, odd pairs are so in the trend, the geometric styles still going strong. But there is also the nostalgic vibe, like these adorable hoops I found in Topshop yesterday. They remind me of my Mom and perhaps the sixties or seventies. You can find the earrings here and only £10. Next mission will be to find a lipstick to match. 

Heard of Paris label Eli Grita? This is super fun, fresh & pop! I like the t-shirt as I obviously want to be Queen - but the ethos behind it according to the designer is that “when women support each other everybody wins”. I’m all for that. It’s who I want to be, and who I want to connect with out there in this world.

eli grita

queen by Eli Grita

The one store I have visited the most this month (and last) is &Other Stories. It’s not just the clothing or the pieces, its the whole vibe in there. Really relaxing, a visually pleasing experience. Super friendly staff too.

Who doesn’t like a trip to Selfridges? My favourite department store in London. It’s a great place to browse old favourites but also find new designers, collaborations and pop-ups. The blink brow bar is also pretty amazing! 







Now that my brows are on point, I’m going to say bye for now and have a fab weekend!! Hit me up on DM’s on Instagram for chats!

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