#2:modelling, freelancing, dealing with rejection

My throat was sore, could hardly speak and my body was aching. Still, I didn’t want to cancel my meeting with Harriet - after all we had worked together before on a commercial shoot - but this time she needed something a little bit different for her portfolio. I can not imagine how it must feel to walk from one agency to the next, people telling you that you’re not what we are looking for, we have someone just like you (!!), you are more commercial, you are too editorial - even ‘you are to tall!’ 

Back in the day (2010/11/12) I worked really hard to reach out and get the right contacts, speaking to agencies, magazines, editors, models, designers, make up artists - trying to get my name out there. I’m telling you, if I had decided to become a wedding photographer ten years ago I would have made a lot more money than trying to break into a fashion/editorial industry. 

‘We love your stuff, we’ll keep you on our books.’ Or, ‘we aren’t taking on any more photographers at the moment’. Or, your kids portraits are really good, you should focus on that. Most times nobody gets back to you. It’s a rollercoaster.

Rejection. How do we deal with it? If you are a creative you have probably been there. And maybe you persevered, maybe you hit the jackpot - or perhaps like me, you keep going at it, some days more motivated than others, the pay you get varies massively (most people want your work for free) but you keep believing that what you do has a purpose, it matters and your success is measured in the satisfaction of what you have created. 

Over the years I have grown accustomed to doing my own thing. I very often stay within my comfort zone which is obviously something I am working on without calling it a 2018 resolution - because why would I want that kind of pressure, right? Ha.

But, I work quietly, I love creating the atmosphere where you can feel a little something, time or place - my aim is to make my images live and breathe. I most often do my own styling. I work with a minimum of colour at a time, going for simplicity in everything!

Feel free to send me a message or comment on this post if you have anything you want to share. Reach me on my Instagram or via the contact sheet.

In the mean time - cheers for Harriet and lets hope she gets signed soon as she is bloody awesome!

Find her on @harriet_russel1

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