#6: april came and went

Last day in April. Not sure where that whole month went. It was hot, then it was cold. We had Easter and my birthday which we celebrated in Tokyo - my Instagram grew with nearly a thousand followers !! and I started posting outfits - which only meant one thing, I was getting more and more frequent in front of the camera! 

At first, I was hiding behind bushes, then I added paint strokes across my face. I also tried sitting really far away. It was daunting because I had done a POLL on my Instastory, which I absolutely love doing, and the results were that my gorgeous followers wanted outfit posts! I thought; why not?? I can surely do that.

I am pretty confident. But also @styleturbine was never really about me. It was about the things I was interested in. Also, I am a photographer so naturally I wanted to be in control - behind the camera.

Anyway, my ‘outfit shots’ take about 2 minutes because I get so overly embarrassed posing in the street. So, no time to fret too much -it’s usually ‘quick, take a photo of me here. Not too close, ok? Did you get it? Quick, quick!”

April was also the month I started seeing more interest from brands. Flattering at first of course; gifting, freebies and all that. But quickly I decided, I don’t really need all this stuff and also the content takes time to create. I’ve studied photography and invested enough in it as a career to believe that in exchange for creative content there should be a cash reward! 

So I got a Media Kit together. I created it in CANVA which was really easy. See my example here from earlier in April, as following and engagement grow the price will change:

I can sense what people like, what my followers respond to, but at the same time as a creative I think there should be a level of surprise. You need to push yourself, discover new methods, create something fresh and experiment. You want to deliver what you yourself think is great content. Getting stuck in a rut is easy, but as a creative you will stagnate. And eventually we will all loose interest, right?

So here are some examples of how I got creative, and with that my account grew even more. I’m working on the 5k mark now. It’s still small in the scheme of things, but I set my own goals and it is working well for me. No need to be comparing yourself to anybody else. Do it your own way, in your own time. Small steps will eventually be great! And in the meantime I can proudly say it is 100% organic, all the images are original, the edits are mine - the ideas are mine - with a little inspiration from you all, of course!

Thanks for taking the time to read. Reach out to me in DM’s if you want to chat, regarding edits I have made a highlighted story on my instagram profile including details about VSCO & Adobe Sketch.

Every day I shout out an account that I have connected with, you can find my recommended Instagrammers in “Grrrrls”. Sharing the love is the best way! The love you get in return is such a positive addition to the whole experience of being on social media. We all respond to kindness and support. I wish you a happy week!

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