#8: autumn post

I’m starting my Autumn post with an image I created for Matalan through Tribe (the influencer app). My caption goes ‘there’s something quite magical about Autumn. The air changes and so does the mood. I feel it’s a new start, a new beginning…’ Do you feel that way about a new season?

Obviously I’m wearing a very cosy, rusty orange Matalan jumper - but do not miss the important accessory - yes, the cup of coffee! This cup is handmade in my hometown Lillehammer; by a small company called ’ment’. I like to surround myself with Scandi designs and influences, even after 15 years in the UK

What else is new? Well, I’m not living in London full time anymore. I’m in my house in the New Forest. It’s a quiet pace of life here. I guess I spend less money and eat less food. The transition for Instagram, I don’t really think has been noticeable. Well, I shoot more flatlays as I don’t have endless visuals outside my front door. I am stunned at the amount of love I get for these images, and I am always happy to share my secrets, which aren’t actual secrets. Will be doing a joint IGTV with @stephyttravels in November covering all things flatlay. Stay tuned for that!

Let’s have a look at what I have created recently.

Instagram has now reached 1 billion monthly active users, which is just insane if you think about it. Like any community it does have it’s issues. I can mention hackers, robots, influencers with fake followers - too many ads, rubbish algorithms, etc, etc. My attitude is that I try and work as best I can within the space we are given. So many of these things are out of our control - so the only thing we can do is to create the best content we can. All though we are all guilty of jumping on trends, I made a post about individuality at the weekend. You can find it here

What people respond to is sometimes not what they are expecting to see, but what they didn’t expect. Make sure it is a good surprise - where your hard work and creative flair shines through. You can better yourself, not for others but for yourself. If you are on Instagram you are likely obsessed with visuals. So make sure that if you are creating content, push your visuals, push your abilities and also think outside the box. We all steal a little from each other but we should all aim to be original and true to our own style.

Remember, you are sharing the site with 999,999,999 other human beings. It has to be good to be seen!

Cherio everybody. I have to go and practice what I preach! 

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